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11 More Extreme Saving Methods

{ Posted on Apr 04 2010 by Marcus Alston }

I already wrote about 9 extreme saving methods and 7 eco-friendly saving tips.  Here are 11 more extreme saving methods.

If you can do 2 or 3 of them, you should realize some real savings.  If you do not find these very extreme, then maybe you already have the “miser mentality”:

  1. EXTREME:  Put yourself on a diet and eat less to save money.  Eat more vegetables and fruits, and less meat which is expensive.
  2. EXTREME: Don’t buy appetizers, alcoholic drinks (or any drinks if you want to go really extreme—just go with tap water!) and cut out dessert if and when you go out to eat.  Appetizers, drinks and dessert can equal or far exceed the cost of the entire meal.  If you must have dessert, pick up dessert from the supermarket and have coffee and dessert at home.
  3. EXTREME:  Don’t ever pay for parking again. Drive around until you find a free parking space.  If you have to walk a good distance after you park, consider it good exercise that is good for your health which is priceless.
  4. EXTREME: Don’t buy multipack snack packages for things like potato chips, gold fish, Oreos, etc., including those 100 calorie packs.  You are being (over) charged for the packaging and the per unit price is much higher than if you buy the large size container.  Just portion out a serving size in a baggy from the value pack if you want it for work or for the kids’ snack or lunch.   If you are taking the food to work, consider taking the entire container and storing it at work.
  5. EXTREME:  Drop your thermostat in your house down to 60 degrees or lower in the winter, but don’t go too low or your pipes might freeze.  For every 1 degree you drop your thermostat, it drops your bill by 3-5%.  Dress in layers inside and use those sweaters and sweat pants and add extra blankets to your bed.  During the summer, if you have air conditioning, use it sparingly and try to keep the thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. Each degree you are able to raise the thermostat, will save you 3–5% on air conditioning costs according the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.
  6. EXTREME: Use baking soda instead of toothpaste or deodorant.  You can also try talcum powder instead of deodorant.  These are much cheaper alternatives to toothpaste and deodorant and they work well.
  7. EXTREME:  Make your own cleaning solution using vinegar and lemon juice.  See or for ideas. 
  8. EXTREME: Wash your shower curtain instead of buying a new one.  Put it in the wash with a few towels to clean it.
  9. EXTREME:  When you grocery shop, using the plastic bags they give you for your groceries, line your trash containers in your bathroom or other waste basket at home, or use it as lunch bag to carry your lunch to work, or to hold knick knacks.
  10. EXTREME:  Forget the cleaners and iron your own clothes.  Better yet, buy clothes that are made of fabric blends that are wrinkle free and don’t need ironing.
  11. EXTREME:  Shop at Walmart for as much of your needs as possible.  On average, for pharmacy, groceries, health and beauty supplies, toys and games, I have found that many of their products are 10-15% cheaper than Target and 30% to 50% cheaper than grocery stores.  Wal-Mart’s clothes are admittedly not the most stylish and some find the quality poor.  For economical everyday clothes prices you may want to consider buying from Target, TJ Maxx or Marshalls for quality and value or buy used clothes from a consignment shop or thrift store such as The Salvation Army.

Did you find this helpful or interesting?  Have any Extreme Savings tips of your own?  Please write a comment or question below.

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