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Earth Day 2010: Do Just 1 Thing to Help

{ Posted on Apr 23 2010 by Marcus Alston }

Yesterday was Earth Day 2010.  In honor of Earth Day, I told myself I would be extra eco-friendly on top of my “Just 1 thing or 2 or 3” eco-friendly strategy.  This strategy entails doing just 1, 2, 3 or more eco-friendly things than you would normally do and then adding onto it annually.

On Earth Day, I took a shorter than usual shower to conserve water.  I also carpooled to work with my co-worker and buddy Bill (not his real name) which I have been doing for a few months now.  Carpooling is one of the things I am doing to help the environment.  It provides many eco-friendly benefits such as less pollution, less gas, less traffic, less wear and tear on the roads, and on your car.  Additionally, statistics show that less cars on the road leads to less accidents.  I also brought my lunch to work in a plastic supermarket bag (I reuse the supermarket bags as lunch bags) and used my reusable mug at work to drink the company (free to me) coffee.

Below are articles that may give you ideas on what you can do to help the environment and save money:

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It’s also school vacation week this week.  My kids went to the library on Thursday to play on the computer, read, and play on the specially designed children’s floor of the local public library.  They also played outside.  Earlier in the week they had a picnic and also went to the Children’s Museum where, among other things, they can see live animals, learn about dinosaurs, watch shows in the planetarium, and play miniature golf.  I renewed my annual family membership which allows unlimited visits (I received a discount on the membership because my company receives a special rate).  It’s a great deal and the kids love the museum.  My wife and I love the fact that they are interested in something that is educational.

I also went to Home Depot to get some dirt (can’t get much closer to Mother Earth than to buy dirt) to use as top soil for some grass seed I recently planted.  Now I must confess that I did use fertilizer that was not organic, but the idea is not to be a saint or to be perfect when it comes to being eco-friendly, but to do just 1 thing (or 2 or 3) eco-friendly actions that you were not doing before.

For dinner, I had leftovers, which helps conserve the country’s resources by not wasting food.  It also saves me money by giving us another meal.  Going green often fits well with my miser mentality and frugal nature.

I then got on the computer for a couple of hours, and went to sleep– after I turned off all the lights of course.

So what did you do on Earth Day to help the environment?

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