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Save Money, Don’t Pay for Parking

{ Posted on Apr 30 2010 by Marcus Alston }

Much to the dismay of my wife, I have vowed not to pay for parking any more at a parking lot.  I never really liked paying for parking, but after becoming the ConsumerMiser, I made a vow never to pay for parking again (or to pay very little at meters).

The other day we were going to Friendly’s to reward one of my kids for performing in a school play.  My wife wanted me to park in a nearby parking lot.  Instead, I gave them curb side service and then found a free place to park a few blocks away.  I was sitting with them within 5 minutes.  I probably walked about a quarter mile.  After stuffing ourselves, the entire family took a nice walk to the car and we all had a little exercise.  I probably saved about $3 this time, but the benefits of not paying for parking can be huge.  I often find free parking spots instead of being charged $7 to $15 dollars.  This can add up on a monthly or yearly basis.  Consider sticking this savings into the kids’ educational fund.

Just yesterday I went to the library in the evening on the way home from work and there was no parking.  I did park at a meter for 25 cents and went in to pick up a free movie from the library.  Of course, a drawback with meters is that the meter is running, you are on the clock, the time could expire on you, and you could get a ticket (By the way, some libraries may validate parking so check with your library).  I ended up walking about a half mile round trip during my visit to the library and I engaged in some much needed exercise.

Candidly, trying to find a parking spot and not pay is somewhat of a pain in the neck, but for me the thrill of saving money by not paying for parking is worth it.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s another tool in your consumer saving/expense reduction/debt reduction tool box to consider.  For others ideas on how to save, click here.

I will update you periodically on how well I can keep up my vow.  I will also be writing about other financial vows I have made recently since I started getting consumed into Misertology (I made this word up).

In my next post, I will share some parking experiences that shaped my miser mentality when it comes to paying for parking.

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