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Archive for May, 2010:

Crocs and Frocs no Longer Rock

{ Posted on May 25 2010 by Marcus Alston }
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Categories : Personal Finance, Wal-Mart
Its official, Crocs and fake Crocs (my wife calls them “Frocs”) are no longer hot.  This probably comes as no surprise to any consumer tuned in to the Croc phenomenon.  This was confirmed by an employee at a local Wal-Mart ...Read More »

Top 10 Lessons I Learned on Vacation

{ Posted on May 22 2010 by Marcus Alston }
On the airline flight home from Puerto Rico, I decided to compile a few lessons learned from my most recent trips that helped me save time and money: Lessons Learned: Rent a car.  Renting a car is a great way to explore ...Read More »

Miss USA 2010 – Her Financial Payoff, My Financial Advice

{ Posted on May 21 2010 by Marcus Alston }
You may have heard that on May 16, 2010, Rima Fakih won the Miss USA 2010 Pageant and that she is believed to be the first Arab-American, Muslim or immigrant to win the Miss USA title.  The blogosphere went ...Read More »

Vacationing on a Shoestring Budget – “Tagging Along”

{ Posted on May 20 2010 by Marcus Alston }
Sunday was my last day in Puerto Rico and my second trip "tagging along" on my wife’s business trip.  We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan which is pretty fancy for my Consumer Miser taste.  However, I have ...Read More »

Cut These 8 Expenses For An Easy Retirement

{ Posted on May 15 2010 by Marcus Alston }
Most retirees are on limited budgets that consist of social security and retirement savings.  The good news is, if you are at or nearing retirement, there are several expenses that should be at or near zero.  Eliminating these major expenses ...Read More »

National Women’s Health Week – Stay Healthy and Save

{ Posted on May 13 2010 by Marcus Alston }
National Women’s Health Week is this week, May 9 to May 15.  In honor of Women’s Health Week, I have compiled a few tips on how to stay healthy and save money: Take care of your body as best you ...Read More »

Stop Buying Greeting Cards and Save Money

{ Posted on May 10 2010 by Marcus Alston }
I recently celebrated Mother’s Day 2010 and had a fantastic time.  I took the kids to Philadelphia, we went sightseeing there, and they were able to visit their grandmother, one aunt, one uncle and their 4 month old cousin. As a ...Read More »

Mother’s Day 2010 – Mom Taught Frugality

{ Posted on May 05 2010 by Marcus Alston }
As we approach Mother’s Day 2010 (it’s this Sunday, May 9!), I am reminded about how my mother influenced my frugal ways. When it came to clothing, she saved my older brother's (Carlos Alston) clothes for me so I could wear ...Read More »

My Top Blog Posts from March and April 2010

{ Posted on May 02 2010 by Marcus Alston }
I started this personal finance blog at the end of March 2010 to share helpful financial information to others and have written quite a few articles since then.  Just in case you missed any of my blog posts or have ...Read More »

Why I Refuse to Pay for Parking

{ Posted on May 01 2010 by Marcus Alston }
So why have I made a vow to never pay for parking again as I stated in my last post?  Having lived in a few major cities with parking challenges such as Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston, I have had ...Read More »