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Disposable Shavers are Resusable Too

{ Posted on Jun 06 2010 by Marcus Alston }

While I believe in “going green,” I must confess that I am not perfect in this area.  Case in point, I use plastic disposable shavers instead of non-disposable or reusable shavers.  The plastic disposable models are cheaper in the short run at least, but they do not last as long as the non-disposable shavers.  The reason I use the disposable kind is not so much to save money.  I actually like the performance of my Bic Sensitive Skin disposable razor better than the non-disposable variety.

Admittedly, the disposable razors are worse for the environment even factoring in that some disposable razors are now made from recycled plastic.  Consumers in the United States buy more than two billion disposable razors each year and many probably are not recycled and probably end up in a landfill.

I am not writing (at least this time) to compare disposable razors to non-disposable systems.  Instead I am writing to tell you that I have pushed the envelope a little on how long I use my disposable razor and I have had surprising results.
It happened quite by accident.  I was on a business trip in February  in Pennsylvania and I forgot to pack a bunch of shavers.  I normally use my Bic Sensitive Skin disposable shaver (I buy the 12 pack usually from Wal-Mart) once and then I throw it away.  I did not discover that I had only packed one shaver  until the first morning when I had a meeting.  After my meeting, I returned from a full day’s work that evening and then had some personal plans with a friend about 45 minutes away who was going through a tough family matter.  I did not have time to buy any shavers and by the time I was done with my visit, stores were closed and it was snowing hard.  So the next morning, I reused the same shaver that I was careful to save just in case.  The snow continued throughout the morning and caused our meeting to end around 12 noon when it was scheduled to go until about 5pm.  I barely made it back to the hotel in the snow, despite having to drive only about half a mile.  It was so bad, our consultant got stuck in the snow and we had to dig her out.  Due to the snow storm, all the stores closed early, so I was unable to buy any shavers.  For the third morning, I also used the same shaver.  This time, like the previous times, the shaver worked great.  Maybe I had to use more strokes to get a clean shave because the blade gets a little less sharp each time, but it got the job done.

Event though the blade may get a little dull each time I have found a way to shave (pun intended) my cost of shavers by about 75%.  That’s a savings of about $90 a year.  This may not work for everyone, depending on what type of hair you have, but you should give it a try.  If you combine this with other saving tips, this can really start to add up.

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