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How to Eat Cheap at Boston Market

{ Posted on Jun 19 2010 by Marcus Alston }

Boston Market is a solid restaurant chain offering home style food quickly and at affordable prices.  A family of 4 can eat there for under $30.  My family of 4 can eat the same main meal and sides for about $18 using my methods below.

Boston Market is probably considered fast food just because its quick, but the only fast food part about it is the speed.  The main food itself, the chicken, turkey and meat loaf, is not cooked particularly fast, but it is ready when you are, usually with little or no wait.  The turkey for instance, is slowly roasted and turned over an open flame.  They have a good variety of tasty side dishes including mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, mixed vegetables, creamed spinach, string beans, sweat apples, etc.

I must say that not all Boston Market’s are managed equally well.  One I used to frequent would run out of chicken and turkey quite often and would only have meat loaf.  This was quite frustrating for the 3 times it happened to me.  But I digress.  Assuming they have the food you want, how can you eat at Boston Market for cheap?

1.  Coupons.  Whenever you eat at Boston Market, you should always have a coupon.   BostonMarket is great at providing coupons to its customers through its website,  I have been tracking their website for over 2 years since my wife turned me on to it (she is great at finding coupons and Internet research in general),  and during this time, Boston Market has had a robust coupon process where they have constantly provided updated coupons.  In the past, they have provided coupons for individual meals, family meals, and for purchases over a certain price.  I suggest you print these coupons off the Internet and put them in your purse or wallet or car for when you might need them.  Make sure you track when they expire and keep them updated. currently has a  $2 off coupon for purchases of $10 or more and a $4 off coupon for purchases of $20 or more.   Click here for the coupons.  In each case, the coupons carry the following restriction:

“Not valid with any other special, coupon or reduced price offer. Not valid with the $2.99 Meal Deals or $4.99 Rotisserie Meal Deal. Not redeemable for cash or gift card purchases. Not applicable for catering, grocery items or kids’ meals. Applicable taxes paid”

2.  Don’t Order Drinks or Dessert.  Drinks will cost you another $4 or so for a family of 4, or about $1 each.  A family dessert is also around $4 (less if you buy the right combo meal).  That’s a total of about $8!!!  Save the calories and money and pass on dessert and the drinks.  If you eat in, ask for tap water.

3.  Take the Food Home and Ask for Dinnerware to Go.  By taking the food home to eat, you can get the drinks you want at home and or you can even drink your own tap water.  Hey, you might even have some dessert at home or leftovers to supplement the meal.  Make sure you ask for plates and silverware so you won’t have to wash dishes!  Remember to ask for enough.  And grab enough napkins, straws and condiments for your meal on your way out.   Enjoy!

Do you have any restaurant savings tips?  Please write a comment and share them with me.  Find out what your savings could amount to and how much should you be saving.

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