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Is Verizon Wireless Overcharging You?

{ Posted on Jun 24 2010 by Marcus Alston }

The New York Times reported on June 17, 2010 that Verizon Wireless, the nation’s biggest cell phone carrier, has engaged in some pretty unfair and questionable practices, and maybe charging you fees that you do not owe.  The article notes that:

1.  Verizon Wireless has been under scrutiny for making phones where it was easy to access the Internet accidentally, resulting in unwanted internet charges to the consumer.  This practice includes selling phones where the arrow keys are preprogrammed to connect to the Web causing you to be charged a $2 Internet charge, instantly.

2.  In response to consumer outrage and an investigation by the Federal Communications Commission, Verizon Wireless installed a landing page on the phone that lets you cancel before you incur a charge.  Yet, many consumers still report unintentional, unauthorized, or unknown $2 charges.

The article goes on to point out that according to a rogue customer service representative, under Verizon’s new policy, a customer service representative can be reprimanded and even terminated for proactively offering to block various fee generating services.  According to this rogue employee, customer service representatives are directed to sell customers on certain packages and any inadvertent or unauthorized charges that are made that could be reversed will only be done so if the customer asks.  Verizon, for its part, through a spokesperson responded to these allegations and denied that a representative would be fired for proactively offering to block certain services.  The full New York Times article  can be found by clicking here.

In my next blog, I will provide some tips on how to stretch your budget, save money and cut expenses by reducing your Verizon Wireless cell phone fees.

What do you think of Verizon’s practices?  Is Verizon Wireless overcharging you?  Let me know by providing a comment below.

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