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5 Tips for Reducing Fees with Verizon Wireless

{ Posted on Jun 25 2010 by Marcus Alston }

Yesterday I wrote about Verizon’s questionable fees.  Here are 5 tips that should eliminate or at least reduce your Verizon Wireless fees which will help you stretch your budget, reduce expenses, save more, and manage debt:

1.  Review your cell phone bill for unauthorized and unnecessary charges on a monthly basis.

2.  Contest any charges that you believe you should not pay for by calling customer service.  If the agent is not helpful, escalate it to a supervisor.  If this does not work, keep escalating to the highest level if it’s important to you.  If you hit a wall, then consider writing a letter to the President of Verizon.

3.  Put a block on any services you do not intend to use.

4.  Make sure you have the right plan for your needs and usage.

5.  Consider another carrier based on cost, fees, hidden fees, your usage, cell phone coverage, cell phone reception quality, customer service and trust.  While there are a lot of factors you should consider, cost here is my biggest driver.

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