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22 Things You Can Do for Free with the Summer Winding Down

{ Posted on Aug 06 2010 by Marcus Alston }

With one month left in the summer, I have done quite a few things this summer, many of which are free or cost very little.  Below is a list of my top favorite free things to do which should help you demonstrate your frugal side, live below your means, stretch your budget, spend less, cut expenses, and save more:

  1. Go Walking.  Find a walking trail, walk around the neighborhood, walk to a destination to do business in such as the bank, local restaurant, or supermarket; walk inside the mall.  Add a pedometer so you can see how far you are walking.
  2. Play basketball at a local court.
  3. Go fishing.
  4. Attend a high school sporting event.
  5. Go swimming at a local pool.
  6. Watch a youth a sports event.
  7. Play tennis at a local court.
  8. Play catch or Frisbee with friends or family.
  9. Visit the animals at a local farm.
  10. Run or walk on a track at a local town school.
  11. Go biking.
  12. Volunteer at a local non-profit such as a soup kitchen or shelter.
  13. Play soccer or softball.
  14. Bird watch.
  15. Walk your dog.
  16. Play at a playground or have a picnic.
  17. Putt and chip at a local golf course for free.
  18. Go to the library and spend the day reading and exploring the many options of the library. Libraries rent books for free (unless you turn them in late) and videos too.  You can also find magazines, computers and often free wireless Internet service.
  19. Catch a free concert in your town or in a neighboring town or city. Check your town or city leisure web page or the Internet.
  20. Cut the lawn and clean up the yard. It’s great exercise.
  21. Clean your house inside and organize your closets, clothes, kitchen, etc.
  22. Balance your budget, pay your bills, and organize your finances.
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