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7 Jobs in Demand Despite Tough Economy

{ Posted on Sep 02 2010 by Marcus Alston }

How can there actually be a shortage of workers when the U.S. unemployment rate is at 9.6%?  Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (June 2010).  Well, according to Investopedia, at least the below  7 jobs have a shortage of workers even in this tough economy.  The reason for the shortage is explained below.

1. Accountant

Education: Bachelor’s degree, CPA certification. 

Average Annual Earnings: $61,480

2. Software Engineer

Education: Certification or higher. 

Average Annual Earnings: $85,430

3. Machinist

Education: On-the-job training. 

Average Annual Earnings: $38,940 and up

4. Healthcare Workers

Education: High school diploma and higher. 

Average Annual Earnings: From $19,178

5. Biomedical Engineer

Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Average Annual Earnings: $77,400

6. Industrial Hygienist

Education: On-the-job training and/or certification. 

Average Annual Earnings: $45,360

7. Geoscientist

Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher. 

Average Annual Earnings: $79,160

Reason for Shortage.  There simply are not enough workers with the required education and training to fill these jobs and those that might be interested in the positions need to be go back to school or be retrained.  In many cases, these retrained workers will start at or near the bottom of the pay scale when their former area of expertise may have paid much better because it compensated them for their experience.  As a result, these openings present a financial dilemma for many that might fill them–a significant salary decrease in exchange for a paying job and possibly a brighter long term future.

Information from Investopedia. See: Investopedia for full detailed information.

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2 Responses to “7 Jobs in Demand Despite Tough Economy”

  1. Interesting list…

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. Yes, these in-demand jobs are pretty interesting and they may be ones that for the most part require in-person interaction and are somewhat hard to outsource.

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