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My Top Blog Posts from July and August 2010

{ Posted on Sep 17 2010 by Marcus Alston }

Just in case you missed any of my blog posts from July or August 2010, I have gathered my favorites and put them in this article below for your convenience.  I will continue to write “Top Blog Posts” every month or 2.

My Favorite Blog Posts from July 2010:

1.  My Vow Not to Buy New Clothes for a Year

2.  Flying Cars Are (Almost) Here, But At a Price

3.  The Cost of Stamps is Going Up! How to Avoid the Increase

4.  Is Your Soda Going to Go Flat in the Summer Heat? Is it Safe to Drink?

5.  6 Things I Learned From My Trip to Vegas

My Favorite Blog Posts from August 2010:

1.  22 Things You Can Do for Free with the Summer Winding Down

2.  Stop Smoking and Save Over $100K

3.  Dollar Stores Can Disappoint – Part 2 of 2

4.  8 Reasons to Buy A Vacation Home Now

5.  4 Simple Methods to Save Up to $1000 a Year on Coffee

For my favorite blog posts from May and June 2010, click here.

Let me know what your favorite blog posts have been so far by leaving a comment in the “Post a Comment” section below.

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