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Halloween: Last Minute Inexpensive Costumes

{ Posted on Oct 30 2010 by Marcus Alston }

For Halloween, my daughters are going as Snow White and Sacagawea.  Everyone knows about Snow White, but Sacagawea was a native American Indian woman served as an interpreter and guide to famous explorers Lewis and Clark during their exploration of the Western part of the United States.  There is a Sacagawea $1 coin and this is how my daughters first learned about her–it was not first through school although my oldest did learn about her later in school too.

I am going as a ski instructor.  Its a very simple costume–it consists of my ski jacket, ski lift ticket tags on the jacket, snow pants, hat and ear muffs (I can’t find my goggles).  My outfit is free while the girls outfits set me back about $40 bucks total.

Since I have been a parent, my Halloween costumes each year typically consist mostly of what is in my closet which saves money, stretches the budget, reduces waste, and limits the clutter.  Its also very frugal and demonstrates the ConsumerMiser mentality.

I have gone as the following in the recent past when I go out trick or treating with the kids which are simple, inexpensive and can be done at the last minute:

Aviator Pilot.  Grab your leather jacket and a white scarf and you are all set.  You could even use a white sheet for the scarf.  To add more detail, get an aviator pilot hat.

70’s Guy.  I put on afro wig and grab my most outdated clothes, button down the shirt and away I go.  The wig really sells this one .

Skull/Monster. Grab a cheap mask from Wal-Mart or Target and wear a flannel shirt and jeans and you are all set.   Make a big play knife out of cardboard and cover it with aluminum foil and you have a shiny weapon.

Pirate/Biker:  Grab a bandana and either go with an eye patch made from black paper (or white paper covered by black marker) and you are a pirate or add a tough looking jean or leather jacket (consider a taped on design on the back of the jacket) and add sunglasses.

For more cheap and do it yourself ideas for parent and kids, check out this article at from Shine.

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