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15 Ways to Avoid Impulse Buying – Part 1

{ Posted on Nov 11 2010 by Marcus Alston }

As I often am, I was inspired by a recent The Digerati Life article entitled “How To Shop Wisely & Save On Impulse Purchases“. In response to the blog post, I wrote the following comment which is re-posted below:

I save on impulse buying by having most of the “fat” out of my pay check go automatically to savings, investments, 401k and any debt reduction. I don’t even see the “fat” (i.e. extra money) first. After that, there is not much left to spend on impulse things. It helps me stay within budget which is key to fighting impulse spending.

I don’t use credit cards for purchases and I advise against it unless you pay the balance off in full. Otherwise, you could see that balance slowly grow larger and larger and you could end up pay so much more in interest. And don’t forget the impact on your cash flow. A balance of $5,000 could cost you $100 a month payment if you pay just the minimum.

My 15 favorite ways to avoid impulse buying will appear in my next blog post.

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2 Responses to “15 Ways to Avoid Impulse Buying – Part 1”

  1. Christmas season is coming and impulse buying will be on a tear! 🙂 I’ll check out your article on this.

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