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15 Tips for Day Trips

{ Posted on Dec 11 2010 by Marcus Alston }

Planning a day trip?  I have learned a few things on some of my most recent day trips to Rockefeller Center in New York City and Brooklyn Heights in New York that may help you spend less, maximize your budget, and enjoy your trip more.  Consider the below 15 tips:

1.   Before traveling, plan your trip in order to maximize your time, save money and get the biggest bang for your buck.   Don’t just wing it.  Have you been going to the same place for years?  Still plan your trip because you might learn something new.

2.   Can you afford this trip? Is it within your budget?  How will you pay for it?

3.   Go on the internet for the best deals in hotels, parking discounts, air travel, car rentals, boat, etc.

4.   Determine your method of travel.  What is the best way to get there?  Bus, train, car? What is the most affordable and practical?

5.   Parking.  Determine parking costs if any.  Look for parking discounts online.  Believe it or not, they do exist.

6.   Identify points of interest and the destination.

7.   Identify points of interest near your intended destination and along your route.  Want to visit them to?  Should you visit them?  If so, factor this in?

8.   Bring a camera to capture the moments.

9. Bring snacks to limit stops, eat healthy and or avoid costly food and beverage purchases.

10. Consider some activities for the kids during the travel if it’s a trip longer than 1 hour.

11. Check your car’s oil, antifreeze and tires if you are driving.

12.  Don’t forget your driver’s license, passport if necessary, money and wallet/purse and cell phone.

13.  Tell a family member or close friend of your plans (when leaving, where going, where staying, when you will be back, etc.) and give them your itinerary, cell phone, hotel name and phone and other contact information regarding your destination.

14. Bring toiletries and other items so that you do not have to buy them.  Plan to get certain items at a Wal-Mart, Target, or grocery store on the way to your destination, but avoid pricey tourist traps, convenience stores and hotel shops.

15. Bring a GPS.  Don’t worry about a map.  Bring a GPS and drive like a native, and save yourself a ton of time.

I also recommend reading my blog posts about my other trips (Colorado, Puerto Rico, and Las Vegas) for more tips that should save you money and increase your enjoyment.

Do you have tips for day trips that help you save money and increase your enjoyment?  If so, please write me by entering a comment in the Post a Comment section below.

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