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10 Sobering Facts About Wasted Food

{ Posted on Jan 19 2011 by Marcus Alston }
Categories : Personal Finance

The other day I wrote about what to do with your leftovers if you are going to waste them.   Here are just a few sobering thoughts about all the food wasted by some consumers.

1.  The US wastes almost 100 billion pounds of food each year (according to a 2009 article, the US wastes approximately 70 billion pounds of food each year (number was reported in metric tons, but I converted it).   You will see various numbers, but the point is, we waste a lot of food.

2.  The value of food wasted in the US is estimated at $43 billion.

3.  Another country, the United Kingdom (UK), reportedly wastes 18 billion pounds of food per year.

4.  I estimate the value of food wasted in the UK at $8-$10 billion.   

5.  The number of hungry in the World reached 1 billion for the first time in 2009 according to the World Food Programme.

6.  The US and UK waste over a combined $50 billion per year in food.

7.  Combined, the food wasted by the US and UK could feed those starving in the world (over 1 billion people). 

8.  The food wasted in the US alone could feed the 45 millon people considered food insecure or "hungry" several times over.

9.  The food wasted by the US and Europe could feed the entire world 3 times over.

10.  Much of this wasted food is not recycled and ends up in landfills, adding insult to injury through additional costs to consumers.

These statistics really make you think twice.  Imagine how much we could help others if we limited wasted food and channeled some of this savings to those who need it.

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