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Why I do the Laundry. Hint, Big Savings!

{ Posted on Feb 26 2011 by Marcus Alston }

My wife used to do the laundry most of the time and she would do a few small loads at different points in the week.  I often felt bad that she was doing all the wash–the kids clothes, my clothes and her clothes.  Even when we had the person watching our kids do the kids clothes for us, there seemingly was still plenty of wash left for us to do.  I also noticed that I would buy laundry detergent quite frequently.  It also bothered me a little that we were not often filling up the washer or dryer and the laundry would get done at different times instead of during one time which would be the most efficient method from an energy standpoint and utilize the benefits of a hot dryer.  That was then. .  . .

Today, I am the designated laundry person.  I am Laundry Man!  On Saturdays I now do between 2-4 loads and we are all done.  I do the kids clothes first, followed by our clothes, and then I will do the towels separately unless they will fit in the first 2 loads.  I fold them while they are hot and put them away too.  I even recently involved the kids too who help me sort and put away their clothes which I fold for them.

After doing the wash for about 6 months now, I have developed a pretty good system.  For instance, I started out folding the clean clothes and putting them in the basket to be put away later.  After this led to clothes staying in the basket, I decided I needed to follow the whole process through completely from washing to putting the clothes away in the drawer or closet.  I take advantage of a hot dryer by doing multiple loads.  I have also noticed that our laundry detergent goes a lot farther than it used to before I did the laundry.  I use concentrated liquid and fill it to the 1 level and not the 2 or 3 level in the measuring cup.   The clothes come out great.  Some articles say you don’t even need to use laundry detergent or at least not as much as the manufacturer states.  I also use only cold water and this is sufficient to get the clothes clean and save on energy too over hot water.  It also allows me to combine colors and whites instead of separating colors which cuts down on the number of loads I need to do.  Cold water is also less harsh on your clothes and best for colors.  On the down side, your whites may not get as white, but I don’t notice the difference.  My whites are generally under garments anyway so no one is going to see much of them except for the occasional crew neck  t-shirt I like to show out of the top of my shirt.  In this case I pick the whitest t-shirts I have for this look.

By becoming Laundry Man, I estimate I have cut my detergent costs by 50-75% and my loads down by at least 50%.  I have also involved the kids, our laundry is more organized, and my wife’s time is freed up to do something else.

Do you have a process improvements you can apply at home that will save you money?

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