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Is the Jupiter Jack Hands Free Cell Phone Device a Scam?

{ Posted on Feb 28 2011 by Marcus Alston }

I bought Jupiter Jack from Bed Bath & Beyond for $4.99 with the hope that it would work.  Whether Jupiter Jack worked well or not, I knew I would write a blog post about it.

Jupiter Jack is a hands free cell phone device that is supposed to turn your car radio into a wireless speaker system for your cell phone.

DO NOT BUY JUPITER JACK.  I bought Jupiter Jack from Bed Bath & Beyond and they should be embarrassed to carry this product in their stores.

The device is small, but clumsy.  It connected to my Blackberry just fine, and comes with adapters as well.  I turned the car radio to the radio frequency as directed (99.3 FM) and heard a lot of static and distortion.  On about the third try, I got it to work and called my wife.  She said that she could hear me clearly; however my daughter and I could barely hear her through the speakers.  I had to discontinue the conversation.  I tried a few more times with similar results.  I also tried the other frequency offered in the directions, and it was worse—I kept hearing the radio station!

Another drawback with Jupiter Jack is that your conversation is not private if there are others in your car.  If you use the Jupiter Jack, anyone and everyone in your car will be able to hear the conversation.  Others report that Jupiter Jack does not work with “all” cell phones as they claim, but only with “most” phones.

Jupiter Jack is an “As Seen on TV” product current marketed through pitchman Anthony Sullivan and previously by now deceased Billy Mayes.  After trying this product, sadly any credibility they had with me before is now gone.

Warning:  If you still want to buy this product after my review, don’t spend the $20 or $10 dollars websites are charging, plus shipping and handling.  Go to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Don’t say I did not warn you.

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