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Billionaire Bully Award Goes To . . . Donald Trump

{ Posted on Apr 30 2011 by Marcus Alston }

The title of “Billionaire Bully” goes to . . . Donald Trump.

In addition to attacking Democratic and Republican politicians running for office in a personal and condescending manner, he has viciously attacked Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Karl Rove, and Robert De Niro for questioning him or disagreeing with his views instead of addressing the issues they raised.  Can’t we all just get along?  Trump should star in the sequel to the movie Ant Bully and call it “Trump Bully – He will squash you if he can“.

What gets Trump this award is not attacking the President about his citizenship or questioning how he got into Columbia University and Harvard Law School despite the President serving as the Editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review and graduating magna cum laude at Harvard Law School, but its the below quote comparing himself to Mitt Romney:

“Well, I’m a much bigger businessman,” Trump said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “And I have a much, much bigger net worth. I mean, my net worth is many, many, many times Mitt Romney. And I don’t know Mitt Romney. I really don’t know him. So I’m not saying good or bad.”

I give Trump credit as a businessman and have a few of his books, but his conceit is reaching a new level, even for him.  Talk about bad taste and flaunting your wealth.  If Trump really is such a good businessman, he might want to try being a little more diplomatic and humble, instead of acting so conceited. For a guy whose casinos have been bankrupt 3 times, one would expect more humility.  Source: Amir Korangy, Founder and Publisher, “The Real Deal” from the transcript of the April 18, 2011 CNN show, “In the Arena”.

I want people to become as financially healthy as possible and to accumulate wealth, but I don’t encourage millionaires and billionaires that put down others in order to build themselves up or act overly arrogant.  I don’t see this as a political article, although it has political overtones.  Nor am I advocating for any particular party or candidate for president.  I wrote this article to focus on the conspicuous display and near abuse of wealth by Donald Trump (he has been doing it for years), but lately he has been over the top, even by his standards.  He has now taken to telling us not just about how rich he is, but how much more money he has than Mitt Romney.

What do you think about what Trump’s said in the quote above?

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