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{ Posted on Dec 28 2011 by Marcus Alston }

Pirate Watch - Watch Your Back for Pirate AttacksWell, it has been several months since I stopped blogging about personal finance which is a passion and hobby of mine.  My last blog was April 30, 2011 about the Billionaire Bully, Donald Trump.  So what happened to me, you ask?  Well, it is a long, sorted story . . . .

In early May 2011, I first noticed that my blog website did not seem to be working.  I would get an error when I tried to view it.  I was alarmed since others would also get this message and it was one of the messages that made you think you had the wrong website address (or worse, you were not supposed to be visiting the website to begin with) instead of letting you know that the website was down.  I contacted my hosting provider, informed me that I was hit with a computer virus and that they were not able to fix it with a simple procedure.  I was told that I would have to basically “re-do” my entire site by removing all the content and then add it back.  I would lose all my links to other websites and vice versa!!!  At the time, I did not have the time to go through the painstaking process of getting the site back and running —especially since I am not the most computer savvy person in the world (a weakness I need to work on and which would pay off literally and figuratively in the future as everything becomes more high tech).  My brother offered to help me, but he is a busy person too and we never coordinated our busy schedules to work on this together.  Additionally, I was concerned about losing my links.  I fell into a sort of paralysis.  I was also experiencing a lot of change as I was involved in transitioning to a new job over the summer.

Fast forward to the end of October 2011: I happened to be checking an old e-mail account that I rarely check because it is flooded with spam e-mails and chat room type comments, and I noticed literally hundreds of complimentary e-mails (probably mostly spam) about my blog.  I immediately went to and found that my website was working!!!  From the e-mails, it appeared that it started working sometime in October.

It is now the end of December 2011 and you may wonder why have I not written anything between October and December 2011?  Well, even though I found out at the end of October that my website was working, because I have been settling in to my new job which includes increased responsibilities, I have been too busy to write until now.  This is my first e-mail since my site crashed. . . .

I apologize to all my loyal readers, fans and followers.  I am back now and plan to write at least 4 to 5 articles a month to start—about 1 a week.  I will continue to write about topics such as frugality, reducing your debt, saving money, investing, wealth building, and going green.  I look forward to rebuilding my readership and social network and continuing this journey of learning, sharing, and exchanging information with you all.

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