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ObamaCare – It May be a Love and Hate Relationship, but One We Should Embrace

{ Posted on Jun 30 2012 by Marcus Alston }

When the Supreme on Thursday, June 28, ruled that “ObamaCare” was constitutional, the reaction of the country was mixed and decidedly split.

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president, offered contrasting and representative reactions to the Supreme Court ruling and its economic impact.

President Obama called the Supreme Court decision “a victory for people all over this country, who will be more secure because of this law.”

Mitt Romney called it “bad policy” and a “job killer.”

There may be a little truth in both their comments.  However, for the good of the country, the politicians need to work together to provide affordable health care to everyone in the US.  In other countries where there is similar health care for all such as Germany and the UK, people do complain of the high taxes and costs associated with providing such an ambitious program.  However, they also say that their health care system is “good” because everyone has health care.  They are quick to point out that it is not perfect in their country, but appears to be better than doing anything at all.

The US should take its lead from other countries and learn to embrace the new imperfect health care law and work to make it better and not tear it down.

Note:  Need to understand ObamaCare basics?  Stay tuned for more from ConsumerMiser as this new law will have a significant impact on your personal finances and that of the business world.

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